Wormhole application not launching automatically

Some computers will not automatically launch the wormhole applications once the cable is connected. You can always launch the wormhole application manually by clicking start>computer>cd drive: wormhole>SKLoader.exe for most windows computers. For mac click finder>cd drive: wormhole>

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    Should a cd have come with the wire? My computer only sees the cd that is actually in its cd drive, not another phantom one associated with the wormhole.

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    j5create Customer Service

    The JUC100 and JUC400 do not come with a CD containing the driver, because the driver is located on the wormhole itself. You can update the driver on the JUC400 from our website at:
    You can update the driver on the JUC100 from our website at:

    The JUC700 does come with a CD and needs to be installed on both computers before plugging in the wormhole switch. The driver can also be downloaded and installed from our website at: