MS office applications not working with latest driver version

Sometimes when the j5create USB display adapter driver is installed Microsoft Office applications will not work correctly. If you experience this issue all you need to do is go into the advanced settings for each application ad disable graphics acceleration. This should fix any lag/inactivity issues you may experience.

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    This does nnot correct the issues. If i remove and save the office applications from using graphic acceleration, the microsoft software still experience HORRIBLE input lag, and inactivity. Is J5 looking into a fix? This article is far from helpful, as it does not correct the issue.

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    j5create Customer Service

    Hello Mark,
    I apologize for the issue that you have been experiencing while using our USB display adapter with Microsoft Office applications.
    We are always working to improve and optimize our driver software for our display adapter. If you would like, we can create a ticket for you and notify you once we have an updated driver available.

    Thank you.