Why am I not receiving any audio through my USB™ to HDMI™ adapter? How can I select my monitor as my sound source?

There are different methods depending on the operating system you are currently trying to use. This article will go over changing the playback devices for Windows® and macOS® respectively.


Windows® 10:

  1. Right click the sound icon in your task manager and select “Open Sound Settings.”
  2. From here you should see a dropdown menu under “Output Audio.”
  3. From this dropdown menu you should see our device listed as “USB Audio Device.”


Once this has been selected you can test the playback of the audio through the device. This should come through whatever monitor the HDMI is connected to.



  1. Click the Apple® Menu button at the top left of screen and select “System Settings.”
  2. From within System Settings, select “Sound” from the settings window.
  3. Select our device which should be labeled as “USB Audio Device.”


After selecting this you should be able to hear audio coming through the connected monitor.

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