I do not see any downloads under your driver downloads area for Chrome OS™ or Linux®. Do you support Chrome OS™ or Linux®?

j5create USB display adapters require device driver software to be installed onto the computer prior to being able to use the device and in order for the USB device to operate.

At this time, j5create USB display adapters are only supported on Windows® and macOS® operating systems, Windows® XP - 10 and macOS® 10.6 - 10.14. Unfortunately, if you are attempting to use a j5create USB display adapter and/or docking station on a computer running a distribution of Linux® or Chromebook, our adapter will not be able to function on that computer.

However, we do offer Plug-and-Play adapters, ones that do not require drivers to be installed onto the computer, which may better meet your needs and be compatible with computers running a Linux® distribution.

If your PC/Laptop/MacBook® allows for USB-C DisplayPort Alt or has an additional DisplayPort port, you can attempt to try one of our Plug-and-Play options or reach out to our team with your computer’s make, model and OS and we’ll see what would be the best for your setup! (Link to creating ticket area)

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